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Shoghi Lombard

Digital Design + Painting


Shoghi Lombard Bio
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Shoghi Amir Lombard was destined to visualize and conceptualize in his own unique style. He was nurtured inside a culture like none the world over. A culture rich in sentient sounds, acute visual diversity and intriguing classic and contemporary forms.


Mr. Lombard carried these visceral packages along with him as his family moved through rural Georgia, where he grew to appreciate the simple yet intricate organic forms of nature, back to New Orleans where the regional traditions reinforced his eagerness to express himself, to Tuskegee, Alabama, where he added to his maturing acuity, the precious parcels of the history and pride of the African American educational culture and to what was then, Clark College in Atlanta, GA to study Medical Illustration, and benefitting from proximity, the opportunity to study life drawing within the Spelman College Art Program. There too, in the AU Center, the stirrings of a social justice education, brought in by visiting Civil Rights luminaries, also added to his artistic insight.


As Shoghi worked in the fast-paced, time consuming corporate, commercial advertising realm, an enormous appreciation for the fine arts was acquired, creating a voracious desire to reach new heights with his painting. He delved deeply into learning about his existence, questioning his place in the universe and developing a more intimate relationship with the Higher Power. His studies have shown him that serving his fellow man is one of the most praiseworthy of deeds. Making people aware of their innate, inherent nobility, of the multitude of divine traits that lie within and of the definite future spiritual advancement of the human race. This is the life goal of this artist.  

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